Here, you can get your characters approved. Here is how:

Make a Heading with your character's full name:

Example NameEdit

Then, answer these questions:

How old is your character?

The Family?

What house do they live in?

Any important career info?

Then, write your signature.

It should take a day to get approved.

Melinda HartEdit

My character is 25.

Just her parents, Melissa and Blake.

Lives in an apartement

Works as a grocery cashier

The Queen Jade!

That is what it should look like.

Angelica ClairvoyaEdit

My character is 16

Her parents, Yasmina and Levitor, and her sister Jade.

Lives in a house

Has a part time job in the supermarket



Melinda StarsEdit

My character is 10

Her parents, Lilith and Marco, brother Alex

Lives in an apartement

Goes to School