Welcome to Elizabeth Mainnes's house! She is known to be the Day-Care teacher. She lives in a nice house.

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  • Her study room
  • Her kitchen
  • Her bedroom
  • Her living room
  • Her bathroom


  • Elizabeth Minnes
    Elizabeth was lying on her bed, reading a good book. Then the phone rang. "Hello?" She asked.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Snow:Hey, Elizabeth. Do you want to go to the restaurant?" It was Daniel, her boy-friend.

  • Elizabeth Minnes
    Elizabeth Mainnes:Sure!


Elizabeth Minnes
Elizabeth:Thanks for the dinner, Daniel. I really enjoyed it.

Daniel:Elizabeth, will you marry me? I know it's weird, but I'm asking you. It's okay if you say no.

Elizabeth Minnes
Elizabeth:Are you kidding? Yes!!!!!