Welcome to the Day-Care! Please drop kids 1-5 here while our amazing supervisor/teacher, Elizabeth Mainne will take care of them! (Little kids should call her Ms. Mainne).


Elizabeth Minnes
Ms. Mainne:Hello, welcome to the daycare! I will be supervising the children while you, the parents are busy with whatever you're busy with!-Queenjade Georgina McNelly:Hi Elizabeth! Here are my kids, Amanda (5), Danielle (5) and Max (3). Amanda's a little shy, but she'll get over it.-User talk:Queenjade

AmandaMcNelly Amanda McNelly: Hi. *She said shyly*-User talk:Queenjade

Danielle McNelly Danielle McNelly: Hi! Hi! Hi! Do you want to be friends? I love reading don't you? Max can't talk much, but still is very fun and cute!-User talk:Queenjade